Documentation of Two Package Game

Documentation of Two Package Game

BSCS final Year Project Documentation

Scholar's Press ( 2013-01-22 )

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This is the documentation of our BS(CS) students (Hina Alvi & Naila Hayat) Who have designed a 2D game and this project is supervised by Ms. Mirfa Manzoor. Games belong to a unique category of artifacts. Like literary works, their internal logic is firmly grounded in humanity in what kind of things human beings are able to understand and to do, and what kind of things gives human beings intellectual pleasure. 2D has been there since the beginning of gaming in the arcade days. It wasn't until about the mid 90's until 3D actually was good enough to compete. But newer doesn't always necessarily mean better, and you can't teach old dogs new tricks either. Therefore, it's time to delve into this conundrum and figure which one is better! The Project “Two Package Game” will be computer game including two games a semi 3D and a 2D with two different and interesting storylines. The Players would be able to play games with easy interface. The game includes a Level Editor application for our game, through which we can design layouts for a variety of levels easily. The major benefit of making the level editor is that, any person can design various levels by using our Level editor.

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Mirfa Manzoor
Hina Alvi
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