Power System Operation And Management In Restructured Market

Power System Operation And Management In Restructured Market

Issues and Challenges

Scholar's Press ( 2013-06-21 )

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Restructuring of power industry aims at abolishing the monopoly in generation and trading sectors, thereby introducing competition at various levels, wherever possible. This restructured environment is expected to attract private investment, increase efficiency, promote technical growth and provide good customer service with improved system efficiency. Operation and control of restructured electricity market poses many technical challenges, which are far more complex than those in the conventional monopolistic environment. The various technical challenges are Optimal power flow in restructured market, Available transfer capability determination, Congestion management, Ancillary management etc. This book gives a new dimension in the analysis of optimal power flow, ATC determination, congestion management and transmission pricing for various power system models. Computational techniques such as Differential evolution, particle swarm optimization and power flow tracing algorithm are used to address the above power system problems. It gives the reader a better understanding and adequate information about the power system restructuirng.

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R. Rajathy

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Electricity, magnetism, optics