A Study Of Media Impact On Judiciary

A Study Of Media Impact On Judiciary

With Special Reference To The Judicial Officers Of Jaunpur District

Scholar's Press ( 2013-08-01 )

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The book is based on the interaction of media and judiciary. Media on one hand act as watch dog of the society and one of its main functions is the surveillance of the society.Judiciary on the other hand punishes misdeeds of people, protects the rights of people and work against any autocracy. Thus both the institutions of democracy work hand in hand to protect the common man rights. The present study tries to understand the media usage by the Judges. Judges are the dominant group in the society as they play important role in the society due the nature of their job. Persons belonging to this profession had great respect and high status in Indian society. The district level judiciary deals the cases of basic level and they remain in contact with common man and their problems. Through this study we can know how Judge use media, time they give to entertain and inform themselves.It reveals their media preferences. Keeping in view the present book has been written with the objective of study of media usage of judicial people, impact of media in general on judicial officers, time they spent on modern media (print &electronic)etc.

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Mili Singh
Om Prakash Singh

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