Client Requirements & Project Team in Refurbishment Projects

Client Requirements & Project Team in Refurbishment Projects

Matching Client’s Requirements with the Knowledge of Project Team in Refurbishment Projects

Scholar's Press ( 2014-03-03 )

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Refurbishment projects are generally considered to be of higher risk, more complex and in need of greater co-ordination than new build projects. The satisfaction of the client has long been acknowledged as a much needed issue to be addressed and the success of a project is often determined by the satisfaction of the client. The discussions in this book present a methodology to match the project team’s knowledge with client’s project requirements during the refurbishment process in the construction industry. It describes a knowledge enabled process for meeting client’s project requirements in refurbishment projects with the knowledge of the project team. In the proposed methodology, the processes adopted by the multidisciplinary project team are not linear. Instead, they are interwoven processes where new or emergent knowledge is created or existing knowledge is combined to give new insights. This methodology sees the fusion of the refurbishment process and knowledge management and it is envisaged that it can provide a much higher return to construction organisations in terms of client’s satisfaction and effective work process.

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Cynthia ChinTian Lee

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