Sugar industry is a key driver of rural development, supporting the economic growth of India. The industry inherently supports over 50 million farmers and their families, along with workers and entrepreneurs of almost 650 sugar mills, apart from a host of wholesalers and distributors spread across the country. A large mass of agricultural labour is involved in sugarcane cultivation and harvesting activities. Over 5 lakh workmen are directly employed. By way of sugarcane price, about Rs.23, 000 crores are directly disbursed to sugarcane farmers. Besides, its annual contribution to the central and state exchequers by way of taxes is around Rs.5, 750 crores. It has the potential to earn Rs.2, 500 crores foreign exchange every year. Sugar industry is regarded as one of the sunrise sectors of the Indian economy. It is the second largest agro-based industry next to cotton textiles. About 60 per cent of sugarcane is grown in Uttar Pradesh. Out of the total production of sugar, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh alone account for 60-65 per cent. The sugar industry is a fragmented one in most of the states/ union territories in the country.

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