Markets and Bus Station Projects in Kabwe, Zambia

Markets and Bus Station Projects in Kabwe, Zambia

Evaluation of Community Stakeholders’ Participation in Market and Bus Station Projects, Kabwe District

Scholar's Press ( 2023-03-28 )

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This book is a study entitled: ‘Evaluation of Community stakeholders’ participation in market and bus station projects in Kabwe district’. The main objective was to evaluate the Community stakeholders’ participation in the life cycle of market and bus station projects in Kabwe district of Zambia regarding the outcome of the projects. This research focused on the Market and Bus Station projects done by Government through Local Government and Housing (MLGH) in Kabwe district of central province in Zambia. Market and bus station projects under study were those at different phases of project life cycle (initiation, planning, implementation or closure) be it new or continuing. The study adopted the stakeholder theory, community participation theory and the management systems theory. Independent variable was community stakeholders’ participation and dependent variable was the success/ failure of market and bus station projects. The conceptual framework indicated that the success of project stages depended on the participation of community members’ participation with all moderating variables being attended to. The study adopted the mixed method of research.

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Edgar Nyanga

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