Applied Geology in Mining and Construction Practice

Applied Geology in Mining and Construction Practice

A Competency and Geohazard Mitigation Platform

Scholar's Press ( 2020-06-19 )

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This book is intended to equip a reader with knowledge on mining and infrastructural engineering practices that require fundamentals of applied geology while addressing associated geohazard mitigation measures. The geohazards need to be adequately addressed when designing engineering structures. The book is intended for effective evaluation of the reader in institutions of higher learning at both degree and diploma levels. Indeed, the book will be a friendly companion to both students and resource persons who are engaged in mining and or construction based activities. The book integrates geological knowledge with geotechnical concepts, supported by engineering practice to application scenarios. The application has captured a competency based approach in knowledge dissemination to the reader thereby reflecting on competency based aspirations of evolving curricula of higher education institutions. The book covers essential practices as presented in the chapters on quarry sites, dam sites, rock tunnels and geomaterials in engineering service as well as geohazards and mitigations. The typical problems that focus on application to construction platform have been provided in the book.

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Bernard KIpsang Rop
Digne Edmond Rwabuhungu Rwatangabo
Wycliffe Habel Namwiba

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