Tight integration of cooperative work management functionality with a CASE tool can only be achieved when having access to the meta model of the tool and having the possibility to augment it. Secondly, one must be able to modify the tool so as to integrate the specific CWM core functions and the CWM specific data access and user interface functions. Hence, this can only be done by a tool vendor and not by a tool user. Integration and utilisation of feasible software components from the groupware field. The improved relationship between synchronous and asynchronous modes of working is due to the integration of version and configuration control, management of development transactions, and negotiation support. The negotiation support comprises groupware components such as joint editing functionality, video conferencing, and multimedia annotation and mail functionality. Augmenting the functionality of repositories for CASE tools with functions that permit true sharing of development objects among a team of developers. It has been shown that the approach may be integrated into already existing tools, provided the meta model implemented by the tool is externalised.

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R. Vettriselvan
R. Sujatha

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Data communication, networks