Tantra The Source Code for All Psychological Solutions Volume-5

Tantra The Source Code for All Psychological Solutions Volume-5

By Ancient Tantra Techniques for taste senses

Scholar's Press ( 2022-05-05 )

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I have explained the lives of Tantra's methods. In fact, this is the last book of wisdom. This can also say that there is nothing other than this. Any unity without these tantra methods can not be achieved. The happiness that religions are not always able to give you, the religions do not give your highest position. if you follow the religions you never achieve your highest nature. Tantra will not always see anyone are unworthy. Like the religious people say, the only poor will be allowed to enter God's kingdom. But tantra does not say this. Although you are the poor, or rich, despite the intellectual, or ignorant, or you are blessed or you are cursed, even if you are banned, you do not worry about everything about it, even if you are sinful or virtuous. Ever says that everything is bruiting to know their self, and they can understand the Tantra. The reason is that Tantra's methods are very simple, and there is no magic. It only depends on the training. It does not depend on the philosophies, not dependent on the highest principles. Tantra did not condemn anyone. your anger and the sex that all is natural. It is only about how to change it and how to transform it.

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