Great to Good Enough:

Great to Good Enough:

The Dynamic Path Attractor

Scholar's Press ( 2022-06-10 )

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Many companies have been great, even icons in the industry, but sadly they are not around anymore. Why not? They were great but not good enough. Or, they were good enough for a while, and then they were not good enough. Yes, it is good to be great; however, a firm or organization must be continuously good enough to provide for all stakeholders continually. In many cases, extinct companies were replaced by other companies that sell the same items. What happened? These companies are still in business not because they are great but because they are good enough in the context of the changing markets in which they compete. In light of a changing market with competitors, an organization's path to be relevant is rigorous and unforgiving. It does not matter how big the company is. The path of prosperity cannot be precisely known but should be partially known in the short term and then changed as needed. Partial knowledge is enough to set a meaningful direction, allow for planning, inspire participants, and allow for preparation.

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Joel Bigley

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Business management