Forest Fires Impact on Soil

Forest Fires Impact on Soil

Scholar's Press ( 2022-05-12 )

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This study is important because of the paucity of literature on the impact of controlled forest fires on moist deciduous forest and dry deciduous forest of India. Furthermore, the Gadchiroli forest circle has a maximum fire-affected area 4,106 sq km (2003-2016) in India thus makes it more interesting to understand its consequences on the forest floor and ecosystem at large. To assess the impact of forest fires on the forest floor this study was funded by the Forest Department of Gadchiroli, India. To assess the impact, a controlled forest fire was carried out and its impacts were assessed on physical and chemical properties of the forest floor soil before and after a fire. This book attempts to understand the impact of controlled forest fire on soil properties and how it will affect the forest ecosystem. An attempt has been made to propose a forest fire management system for effective control of forest fire incidents. The book is intended for academicians, researchers with a particular interest in a forest fire, forest ecology, and forest management.

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Rahul K. Kamble

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition