What Stays in Mind?

What Stays in Mind?

The Role of Memory in Learning

Scholar's Press ( 2022-04-28 )

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A lecture is a process when we listen to the speaker, but what stays in mind is a memory of what we have seen and paid attention to. There are various types of learners and lecturers, and communication between a lecturer and students can be diverse, due to personal differences. Nevertheless, what is a conversation today, will be a memory tomorrow.Students can be different learners: auditory and musical; visual and spatial; verbal; logical and mathematical; physical or kinesthetic; social and interpersonal; solitary and intrapersonal. There are numerous teaching techniques on how to engage all types of students equally in the learning process, which is a great challenge, full of stimulating activities. The book outlines memorizing techniques, which help students retrieve relevant information effectively, and educators to analyze all components of memorization by studying materials and teaching methods. At the end of the book, the author's own technique - An Imagination of Reality, is presented, which proposes students to dare to be happy.

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Nino Zaalishvili

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