A human body is consisting of 206 types of different bones. Mainly, bones arevarious types like long, short, etc. Bones are a very important part of any humanbody for maintaining the body structure. It is also responsible for the basicprotection of various organs in the human body structure. Bone fracture is a verygeneral problem for any human body. Bones can be damaged by various accidentsand put some weight or pressure over bones. These will create a lot of pain andother relevant problems of bones. If this problem would be not resolved soon thatmay create some serious problems for the human body structure as well. Hence,proper treatment is required otherwise it can cause long-term harm. Sometimes,surgery or replacement is required. So, to take proper treatment, Medialsupervisors require some basic information of fractures or crack. the most commonmethod is to take an x-ray of a given part. X-ray images are used worldwide forobserving the bone crack. In this case, the prime challenge is to find the exactconclusion of any fracture and then start any treatment process.

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Dr. Rocky Upadhyay
Dr. Sheshang Degadwala
Dr. Shivam Upadhyay

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