Evaluation of the impacts of Design Thinking

Evaluation of the impacts of Design Thinking

on pedagogical practice, school performance and creativity of students in Basic Education

Scholar's Press ( 2022-05-21 )

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The objective of this research is to assess the impacts of the use of Design Thinking in pedagogical practice, not school performance and the creativity of students for two years of Basic Education. Methodologically this study is characterized as evaluative research, centered on a quantitative approach. A population was composed by 250 students who attended the Fundamental Education year. These forms selected by accessibility of 141 students from four shifts of 6th year or 9th morning period. In relation to the possibilities of proposed innovations, the options with the highest frequency will indicate the organization of the classroom in different formats, the debates on contemporary issues, the group challenges, to discuss two programs and non-cellular activities. It also highlights the potential of Design Thinking to broaden understanding of two contents, broaden the motivation to attend school, as well as to move without teaching performance. These notes are divided into two results, provided that others intend to present themselves in the finalization phase.

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Fernando Contreras
Marlene Zwierewicz
Antonio Pantoja

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Schoolpedagogy, didactics, methodology