Research on Chaos Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Research on Chaos Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

without Position Sensor Based on Single Resistor Current Sampling

Scholar's Press ( 2022-05-26 )

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From the perspective of further reducing the system cost and realizing high-performance vector control, the book takes the surface mounted PMSM as the research object and studies the phase current sampling reconstruction technology and sensorless control technology. Aiming at the chaotic control problem with uncertain parameters of the PMSM operating system, this paper designs an adaptive sliding mode chaotic control algorithm based on the adaptive control theory. The uncertain parameter model of the PMSM system is established. The parameter uncertainty defines the tracking error of each state and the error of its system parameters. Based on the error system, an adaptive law with unknown system parameters and state variables is constructed, and the sliding mode arrival condition based on the LMI algorithm is introduced to solve and prove the stability of the control system. Finally, the simulation experiment proves the effectiveness and robustness of the adaptive sliding mode controller based on the LMI algorithm designed for the parameter uncertainty of the PMSM operating system.

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Yi Zhang
Yanru Lu
Haochen Wang

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Electricity, magnetism, optics