Principles of restoration of historic city parks of Uzbekistan

Principles of restoration of historic city parks of Uzbekistan

Using maps and cards

Scholar's Press ( 2023-03-29 )

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The relevance of the topic of the monograph is that our country, which has impressed many with its high culture, science, and architectural monuments, is turning into a modern tourist center with the honor of independence. On the territory of our country, there are more than four thousand ancient architectural and artistic monuments of different eras and civilizations. 140 of them are included in the list of historical objects protected by UNESCO. It is our cultural-historical heritage, and unique architectural monuments in our eternal old cities that testify to the high potential of Uzbekistan in the international tourist market. In Fergana region, certain works are being carried out in this direction as well.When we say Ferghana, first of all, the beautiful land that is the jewel of our Uzbekistan appears before our eyes. During the years of independence, this place became more beautiful. The celebration of the anniversaries of our scholars such as Ahmed Farghani, Burkhaniddin Margilani, as well as the city of Margilan on a world scale increases the interest of foreigners in this land and serves to increase the tourism potential.

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