Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

A Comprehensive Overview

Scholar's Press ( 2023-10-31 )

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“Digital Marketing: A Comprehensive Overview” will reveal the notion of digital marketing from the 90s to 2023. This means all the past as well as the current scenarios of digital marketing is narrated. This digital is arising everyday through its latest innovations and modifying the marketing world. This book reviews traditional ways of marketing and discusses the latest trends in smarter marketing. It also focuses on a digital technological environment with a few digital technologies that help in making this environment better. Moreover, many things that are crucial for digital marketing are also covered like modern 10cs, digital design and software, channels, and many more. Readers of this book will be better equipped to conceptualize the emerging concepts of digital marketing and will know the significance of smarter marketing as compared to traditional forms of marketing. This book includes different digital marketing skills, and newer concepts that will bring excitement to learn more great things about modern marketing through digital marketing as this provides many advantages to owners and offers a huge variety of goods to all customers in today’s world.

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Riya Wadhwa
Rohit Bansal

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