Atlas of Laparoscopic Digestive Operations

Atlas of Laparoscopic Digestive Operations

Volume II

Scholar's Press ( 2024-04-12 )

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The Atlas of Laparoscopic Digestive Operations describes the operation’s majority from esophagus to anus, of the abdominal wall, liver, pancreas, spleen and adrenal glands. Each operation is described step be step with original handmade watercolor illustrations.The Atlas is aimed to surgical residents committed in their first years‘ training, eventually before to embark upon a more specialized field in digestive surgery or to choose to keep a wider approach to digestive laparoscopy.The Atlas has also maybe the goal to be reviewed by the attending who will supervise a junior colleague in a systematic learning of surgery.It is written by a surgeon who worked in University hospitals in Switzerland and abroad and was thus brought face to many surgical tactiques and techniques all around the world. The Volume II of the Atlas is devoted to the operations on the visceral organs of the abdomen, liver, pancreas, spleen and adrenal glands. Even major interventions are described. Some passages insist on the teaching of the operative techniques on these organs, even challenging. Useless to repeat that the Atlas had been designed and written by the herald of „General“ Surgery.

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Marco P. Merlini

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