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A Taxonomic Study of Subfamily Buprestinae of Pakistan

Order Coleoptera; Family Buprestidae

- ISBN: 978-3-639-66160-6

€ 59,90


Tribes- Vernonieae, Eupatorieae and Astereae

- ISBN: 978-620-5-52080-2

€ 65,90

Ethnobotanical Study Of Mirpurkhas Region In Sindh‐Pakistan

Ethnobotany, Pakistan, Lower Regions of Sindh, study of different Crops, Herbs and Shrubs

- ISBN: 978-3-639-66415-7

€ 89,90

A Descriptive Study of Phonological Substitutions of Loanwords

Phonological Description of Kanuri Loanwords

- ISBN: 978-3-330-65056-5

€ 47,90

A Statistical Study of the Social Determinants of Health

The status in Rural Andhra Pradesh, India

- ISBN: 978-3-639-71769-3

€ 94,90

A Study Of Media Impact On Judiciary

With Special Reference To The Judicial Officers Of Jaunpur District

- ISBN: 978-3-639-51654-8

€ 94,90