Land-use Strategies and Livelihood Preferences

A Micro Level Study on Tribal Communities in Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, India

Surendran Arumugam, Balaji S Janarthanan, Senthil Kumar Subramanian - ISBN: 978-3-639-51530-5

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Osteoporosis Biochemical Markers in Diabetic Postmenopausal Women

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To be a trauma therapist

The role of defenses, personal history and self-care

Jonathan Egan, Alan Carr - ISBN: 978-3-639-51452-0

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Rural Development in Peru and Russia

The Role of Information and Communication Technology and Local Governments' Managerial Capacity

Diether W. Beuermann - ISBN: 978-3-639-51539-8

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The Alienated Self in the Plays of Brian Friel

Familial, Political, and Cultural Alienation

Mahmoud Gaber - ISBN: 978-3-639-51516-9

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Anatomy-based models for computer reconstruction of humans and animals

Physical and geometric computer models for muscle and tendon

Victor Ng-Thow-Hing - ISBN: 978-3-639-51463-6

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