World Best Philosophy of Bhagavad Gita:Gita is in classical Sanskrit

Bhagavad Gita is a discourse between Krishna and Arjuna set in a chariot at the start of the Mahabharata war

Dr. Morusu Siva Sankar - ISBN: 978-613-7-99253-1

€ 79,90

Religious Perspectives on Cosmetic Enhancement

Marissa Alarcon - ISBN: 978-613-8-83693-3

€ 45,90

Do Commissions and Boni affect advisor behaviour?

An Online Experiment Using Amazon Mechanical Turk

Thomas Rittmannsberger - ISBN: 978-613-8-83768-8

€ 45,90

Methods for Continuous Commissioning of Integrated Building Systems

Advanced concept of modular Continual Commissioning (mCC) for performance evaluation of Integrated Building Systems

Andriy Hryshchenko - ISBN: 978-620-2-30353-8

€ 94,90

The New Lexicon of Diabetes

A Reference guide: - International Testimonials & Almanac of Diabetes

Aniket Garud, Neeraj Vyawahare - ISBN: 978-613-8-83732-9

€ 89,90

Laboratory Experiments in Astronomy for Undergraduate Students

Layali Y. Salih AL-Mashhadani, Ahmed H. Abdullah - ISBN: 978-620-2-31865-5

€ 45,90

Qualitative Water Analysis of N.Gujarat By Various Laboratory Method

Ajay L. Desai, Palak Desai, Keyur D. Bhatt - ISBN: 978-613-8-83761-9

€ 45,90

Environmental Geohelminth Contamination

Oluwarotimi Omotola - ISBN: 978-613-8-83466-3

€ 67,90

Aquaculture and Supplemental feed formulation

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Firew Admasu Hailu - ISBN: 978-613-8-83452-6

€ 59,90