A Postcolonial Ecocritical Reading

Zakes Mda’s The Whale Caller and Helon Habila’s Oil on Water

Nouf Alharbi - ISBN: 978-620-5-52528-9

€ 50,90

Burnout Syndrome In Healthcare Professionals

Health Care Management

Niloofar Akbarzadeh, Farideh Jahangiri, Karim Haddadian - ISBN: 978-620-5-52504-3

€ 109,90

Metallic Materials and their Applications

Zakaria Boumerzoug - ISBN: 978-620-5-52517-3

€ 50,90

Intersectionality and Criminal justice

Analysing Challenges in the Pretrial Detention of LGBTQ+ Youth in India

Navin Dave, Madhuri Hardia - ISBN: 978-620-5-52506-7

€ 74,90

Administrative Law

Dr Anita Parmar - ISBN: 978-620-5-52503-6

€ 65,90

Overview of the Causes and Treatments of Breast Cancer

Based on Pharmacology and Radiology

Mahmood Jasem Jawad, Mohammed Fanokh Al-Owaidi, Renzon Daniel Cosme Pecho - ISBN: 978-620-5-52496-1

€ 65,90

Mainstreaming Gender Equality at Universities in the Balkans

Fighting Gender-Based Violence

Zilka Spahić Šiljak, Jasna Kovacevic, Jasmina Husanović - ISBN: 978-620-5-52394-0

€ 98,90

Examining Breast Cancer and Ways to Prevent it from Happening

according to the Anatomy of the Human Body

Sara Hassani - ISBN: 978-620-5-52499-2

€ 65,90

Studies on Atmospheric Boundary Layer Parameters with Doppler SODAR

Ground-Based Remote Sensing Measurements

Thotli Lokeswara Reddy, Kotalo Rama Gopal, Kapa Hemalatha - ISBN: 978-620-5-52469-5

€ 65,90

Laparoscopic Surgery 2023: Bagerhat District Hospital, Bangladesh

Surgical Atlas: Volume one

Dr. Faruquzzaman - ISBN: 978-620-5-52447-3

€ 50,90