Vitamins: A Daily Need

General Introduction, Extraction, Isolation and Identification of Vitamins

Foram Vaghela, Hitendra Joshi, Vijay Ram - ISBN: 978-620-6-77055-8

€ 50,90


General Introduction and Extraction of Alkaloids

Foram Vaghela, Hitendra Joshi, Vijay Ram - ISBN: 978-620-6-77046-6

€ 65,90



Dr.Venkatesan T, Sheik Kuthija S, Dr Thirumalvalavan K - ISBN: 978-620-6-76957-6

€ 65,90

Photocatalytic Degradation of Dyes: Unveiling the Green Solution

A Sustainable Solution for Environmental Remediation

Mallikarjunagouda Patil, Vijayalaxmi Bhagavati, Priyanka Hulyal - ISBN: 978-620-6-77003-9

€ 74,90

A History of Western Education in Malumfashi Town, 1929-2007

Western Education in Malumfashi Town

SHAMSUDDEEN BAWALE - ISBN: 978-620-6-77014-5

€ 87,90

Advancements in Cancer Immunotherapy: A Comprehensive Study

From Bench to Bedside, Stories of Triumph and Transformation

K. NARASIMHA VARMA - ISBN: 978-620-6-77044-2

€ 74,90

Productivity Patterns of College Librarians

Study of Bibliometrics

Rahul Deshmukh - ISBN: 978-620-6-77039-8

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Jigsaw Technique's Effect on EFL Students ' Writing Skills

The Effect of Jigsaw Technique on Enhancing EFL Intermediate Students' Writing Skill

Mahmoud Thaer - ISBN: 978-620-6-77027-5

€ 74,90

The Future is Block: A Comprehensive Guide to the Technology

and its Many Applications

Mohammad Zaree, Hossein Hossein Ali Beiki - ISBN: 978-620-6-77034-3

€ 87,90