Philosophy of the secret

Author's reflections on the world wide web for several years

Andrew Tikhomirov - ISBN: 978-613-8-92774-7

€ 89,90

Trump and Middle East puzzle

Democracy based on war, terror and insecurity

Zahra Hosseinpour, Hamid Soleimani Souchelmaei, Abdolreza Alishahi - ISBN: 978-613-8-92540-8

€ 45,90

Cytotoxic brain tissue edema

A defence mechanism to maintain normal cellular metabolism

Hans von Holst - ISBN: 978-613-8-92689-4

€ 59,90

Photodynamic therapy in oncology practice

Fundamental and practical aspects

Mark Gelfond, Michael Rogachev - ISBN: 978-613-8-92644-3

€ 67,90

Interventional Radiology Casebook

A Teaching Atlas

Rodney Florek - ISBN: 978-613-8-92177-6

€ 124,90

Research on Effect of Tunnel Construction on Groundwater Environment

(in Weathered Granite Stratum using Mining Method)

Serges Mendomo Meye, Shen Zhenzhong - ISBN: 978-613-8-92582-8

€ 67,90

Geochemical ecology of pairs of ungulates

In the Middle Russian forest steppe

Sergey Tutikov - ISBN: 978-613-8-92622-1

€ 45,90

Clinical Appraisal Of Cases In Obstetrics & Gynecology


Zahra Azari, Vyacheslav V. Kaminski, Gholam Reza Azari - ISBN: 978-613-8-92533-0

€ 99,90

Electrical properties of ϒ-irradiation on nano composite ferrites

Radar systems and microwave application

Dr. B M Manohara - ISBN: 978-613-8-92617-7

€ 45,90