Preserving the quality of cut flowers

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General Neurolinguistics

Mechanics of Conceptual Thinking

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Strength Training on Spastic Little Disease Children's


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Propedeutics of the Essay “Space of Experience” (Prolegómena)

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Deposition of Nickel Cobalt Phosphate Thin Films

Supercapacitor application

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Effect of Mind and Body Intervention on Oocyte Quality in Subfertiles

Subfertile Female Oocyte Quality

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Prevention of Cybercrime and a Critical Examination of the Cyber Law

Cybercrime prevention

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Power Congestion Control in Transmission Network using FACTS devices

A Simulation in MATLAB

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Evaluation of Thyroid Gland Hormones and some Biochemical Parameters

Effect of pollution and radiation in electrical stations and cellular towers on thyroid and redox homeostasis in vitro

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