Viscoelastic test based Transfusion management for Liver Transplants

An evidence based approach to current hematological concepts

Arun Uthayashankar, Michael Kaufman - ISBN: 978-613-8-83907-1

€ 45,90

Origin and Evolution of Earth and Life

Towards the Establishment of Astro Bioscience from Universe to Genome

Shigenori Maruyama - ISBN: 978-620-2-31970-6

€ 59,90

Between α- and ϑ-waves:

Biometrics in Air Traffic Control

Kaled Hamodi - ISBN: 978-613-8-83827-2

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Fundamentals of nonlinear optical crystals & applications

Dr. U. Rajesh Kannan, Dr. G. Narayanasamy, Dr. P. Selvarajan - ISBN: 978-613-8-82629-3

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Aspiring to be an Outstanding Trainee Teacher in Primary Education

Samuel Stones, Jonathan Glazzard - ISBN: 978-613-8-83601-8

€ 45,90

Aspiring to be an Outstanding Trainee Teacher in Secondary Education

Jonathan Glazzard, Samuel Stones - ISBN: 978-613-8-83575-2

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Homecomings: Re-integration of Return Migrants in Lebanon

Guita Hourani, Suzanne Menhem - ISBN: 978-613-8-83688-9

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Chromosomal Variations

Chromosomal Variations in Couples with history of Recurrent Miscarriages and Chromosomally Abnormal Newborns

Dnyandeo Chopade, Sandesh Chopade - ISBN: 978-613-8-83625-4

€ 79,90