Institutional Analysis of Fisheries Co-management

In Malawi

Steven Donda - ISBN: 978-3-639-51019-5

€ 88,00

Making the Imagined Real

How Institutional Entrepreneurs Transform Public Spaces

Miriam Plavin-Masterman - ISBN: 978-3-639-51145-1

€ 79,00

Management of Calcium Oxalate Urolithiasis by Herbal Extracts

Effects of Herbal extracts of Allium Sativum in the management of Calcium Oxalate Urolithiasis

Ankur Choubey - ISBN: 978-3-639-51162-8

€ 49,00

Asymmetric Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysts

An Approach to the Synthesis of Chiral Drug Intermediates

Irshad Ahmad - ISBN: 978-3-639-51138-3

€ 79,00

Haptic Information in Cars

In-Vehicle Haptic Rotary Device

Camilla Grane - ISBN: 978-3-639-51096-6

€ 49,00

Determinant factors of unexplained ante partum stillbirths

Rosnah Sutan, W.Cairns S.Smith, Campbell Doris - ISBN: 978-3-639-51099-7

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The Use Of Swimmer Bars As Shear Reinforcement In Concrete Flat Plates

Moayyad Al-Nasra, Ibrahim Duweib, Abdelqader Najmi - ISBN: 978-3-639-51165-9

€ 59,00

Not A Slave But A Brother

An African American Reading of Paul's Letter to Philemon

Lewis Brogdon - ISBN: 978-3-639-51166-6

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Nonchemical control of Rhizoctonial solani in rice

Non-chemical control of R. solani in rice

Chandrika Nanayakkara, Ravi Wijesundera - ISBN: 978-3-639-51094-2

€ 79,00